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Samadhi Massages in Alicante


At SAMADHI Alicante, what we are most interested in is you and it is for this reason that we offer you not merely a physical massage; we are in no hurry. We want to get to know you and to find out your interests so as to be able to give you advice and guidance. Before each session, our masseuse shares your choice of drink with you in the privacy of your room. While she informs you of the different kinds of massage she can offer you, an atmosphere of intimacy and easy communication is built up between you so that the experience of the massage is as pleasurable as possible. You come to our house not only for a massage but also to share a unique experience of which you should take away a fond memory. It is all about you, so feel at home and take pleasure. 


 As the final purpose of our massages is that you should achieve total equilibrium between your body and your mind, we have designed some unique suggestions in which we can distinguish between massages which are merely relaxing and highly sensitive massages with a clear oriental inspiration in which an atmosphere of great eroticism and sensuality arises so as to increase the vitality that you feel inside.


                                                        NEW IN SAMADHI MASAJES

Gel Massage Nuru

Samadhi Masajes brings the Nuru Massage Gel to Spain for the first time.

Nuru is a Japanese word meaning "slippery". A Nuru massage uses a special gel which is prepared with deep-sea algae; it is colourless, odourless and extremely slippery and smooth. Nuru gel is very fresh and comfortable when applied to your skin and can be simply rinsed off with water in the shower.


The Nuru Gel is applied to your body by your masseuse and the sensations that it will cause in your skin on contact with the body of the masseuse will reach limits of sensitivity never before experienced.


Ask about our special VIP Massage menu, for more details on the Nuru massages.



Relaxing Massage

In order to relax and disconnect from the world and your day-to-day tensions for a few unforgettable minutes, a relaxing massage is ideal. What is more, your wellbeing will be not only mental, because your muscles and your skin will feel the caress of the masseuse's hands and will recover their best condition. We should emphasise among the benefits the activation of your circulation which will make your skin more alluring and the emotional and physical benefits of achieving a deep relaxation.

This massage, which is given with gentle pulling motions with only mild pressure, with long continuous stroking movements, like a caress which runs over all your body from head to feet is ideal in order to relax. Let yourself be wrapped in a pleasant sensation of wellbeing and enjoy this massage totally. 


SE1 -Relaxing Massage

It covers only the back, arms, legs and face of the client.

Duration of the Massage: 45 min
Price: €50  on a Massage Table

Tantric Masssage


This massage is based on the principles of the Tantra. We work on the energetic part of your body so that the energy within flows freely, raising it to unsuspected levels which will take you to moments of extreme pleasure with energetic orgasms. At the end of the massage, it is the client himself who decides what to do with that energy, whether to liberate it as an explosion of pleasure in an orgasm like no other he or she has ever felt, or whether to keep it in store.

But please, make no mistake when you come to us as we do not offer sex but  healthy, high-quality eroticism. We recommend that before you ask for one of our massages you should consult or FAQs guide.


TC1 - Tantric Sensitive Massage

A massage of great relaxation and sensuality,  it is applied with warm oils and the hands of the masseuse travel over the client's entire body. The masseuse gives the massage dressed in seductive clothing on a Massage Table or Futon (cotton mattress on the floor); each system has its own massage technique.  

Duration of the massage: 50 min
Price: €70  on the Massage Table


TC2 - Tantric Massage

A massage of great sensuality and eroticism, the masseuse gives the massage unclothed while caressing and massaging the client's entire body, including intimate areas. It includes concrete techniques of excitation and relaxation with the intention of causing prolonged states of intense wellbeing. It can be received on a massage table or a futon; each technique involves different techniques.
Duration of the massage: 60 min
Price: €90  on the Massage Table, €100  on Futon



Clic Here or view the list at the end of this page


Nontraditional Thai Massage (Body to Body)

If you are a little more daring and are not afraid of experimenting with new forms of pleasure, we recommend that you should try the non-traditional Thai body-to-body massage as it is, without any doubt, the most intense sensory massage as it combines sensuality and eroticism to perfection.

This massage, which is given on a futon on tatami, combines the classic caresses of the hands of the masseuse with a massage given by the masseuse's naked body with great subtlety and rhythm. This mixture of contact with the heat of the body and the pleasant hands of the masseuse gives pleasure in a captivating way, which is very sensual and stimulating, which will lead you to have a unique sensory experience so that you achieve a high degree of satisfaction at the end of the massage. 


These massages includes tantric techniques and cover the whole body.  


TH1 - Non-traditional Thai Massage (Body to Body)

The masseuse gives this massage unclothed. A massage of great intimacy and extremely pleasurable, large quantities of warm oil are used on a futon
Duration of the Massage: 50 min
Price: €130

ESPECIAL OFFFER: Every Tuesday and Friday special promotion: Thai Massage at the same price Tantric Massage.


Note: This massage requires a great deal of physical effort and concentration on the part of the masseuse with moments of great intimacy and for this reason the collaboration of the client is even more important.   


Clic Here or view the list at the end of this page

4 Handed Massage

All our massages can be given by two masseuses, with four hands (except the couples massage which involves two masseuses - one for him and one for her). It is an unforgettable experience. Try it!


4TF - Four Handed Tantric Futón

Two masseuses will give you a synchronised Tantric Massage while you forget the world and enjoy yourself as never before. Warm oils, fragrant aromas and the pleasure of allowing yourself to be carried away by expert hands.

Duration of the Massage: 60 min
Price: € 180


4TH - Non-traditional Thai Massage Four hands (Body to Body)

This is PROBABLY THE MOST PLEASURABLE MASSAGE IN THE WORLD. An experience that every person should have at least once in his or her lifetime. Given on a Futon (Japanese Bed), the two naked masseuses will give you a perfectly-synchronised, full-body massage, using their hands and their bodies to give you an unforgettable experience.

Duration of the Massage: 50 min
Price: € 200




Four handed massages need to be reserved at least one day in advance



Fusion Massage

On the basis of Tantric and Body-to-Body Massages, combining both techniques, our experienced masseuses have created new styles, with the best of each of them. Ideal for our most assiduous clients.


F2 - Shadana

The Meaning comes from Ananda (masculine) fertility, bliss, state of spiritual aptitude. It is given on a futon, offering new sensations and techniques adopted from yoga, it means spiritual practice. The massage is associated with practices of Hindu meditation. This is a massage which covers the whole body and includes seduction by our masseuse.

Duration of the Massage: 55 min
Price: € 130



F3 - Especial Samadhi

This is a very complete massage, in which we combine Tantric Massage, Body to Body and Shadana. It begins with the client seated on the futon and from behind, the masseuse begins the massage covering your back with great sensuality, continuing at the front, where caresses similar to Body to Body are given.


This is a renewing massage and one of the most pleasurable. It allows you to perceive a deep state of emotion and wellbeing, with the result that it is an intimate and unforgettable sensual experience.

Duration of the Massage: 80 min
Price: € 180

Couples Massage

We have designed a specific massage for couples which will not disappoint you. We have made a fusion of techniques from our massages, starting from a therapeutic massage, we apply oil and we interact, beginning by taking pleasure in our nudity. In a union of Tantra and Thai, we activate the energy and awaken the erogenous areas. This is a revealing experience which can bring improvements for the couple, by creating highly erotic moments of complicity. We invite you to try it.


This massage is recommended by some sexologists as part of relationship therapy as it increases communication through the massage. To live it is to learn it.  


It is possible to enjoy this massage given by two masseuses.


Duration of the Massage: 60 min
Price: € 220
Precio: Total price of the massages that the couple decides to receive

Lingam - Yoni Massage

Samadhi is the first massage centre to offer Lingam Massage in Valencia.


The masseuse, seated unclothed facing the client, massages the front of his body, from the chest to the thighs, concentrating on the central and genital area.


This massage is much closer to a caress than a massage in itself. It is given with great affection and gentleness, trying to prolong the state of ecstasy.


The man, in this way, learns to receive pleasure in a continuous manner, without goals, allowing himself to be handled, enjoying "the whole duration of the massage". Do not believe that the objective of lingam massage is simply to reach orgasm. That is only one more experience which may accompany the massage but is not the end in itself. It will be welcome but not searched for as the only objective.


The client will in this way come into contact with his more receptive and intimate side, allowing himself to be carried away by the massage, not attempting to take control himself. This may not be easy for a man at first but he needs to learn to be receptive and open to his experience, to succeed in truly relaxing, to achieve the maximum pleasure.



ML - Lingam Massage

A massage carried out on the frontal part of the client's body. With great gentleness and delicacy, the massage concentrates on the genital area with the aim that the client should learn to prolong his state of pleasure.  

Duration of the Massage: 45 min
Price: € 110



MY- Masaje Yoni (For Womens)

This massage is equivalent to the previous one but specialises in the female body. It is given by a female masseuse.  

Duration of the Massage: 45 min
Price: € 90



Our services may be combined with other treatments which will help you to go beyond the threshold of pleasure in the direction of ecstasy.  


* For MASSAGES A LA CARTE, please contact us
* Rest in the bathtub with aromatic salts: Duration 30 min, +€25
* Rest in the bathtub and head massage: Your masseuse will give you a relaxing head massage while you remain relaxed in the bathtub surrounded by candles and enveloped in the aromas of floral essences. Duration  30 min (15 min massage), +€35
* Rest in the bathtub with interaction from your masseuse: Your masseuse will accompany you during your session of rest in the bathtub, extending your session with head, arm and chest massage (without sex).  Duration 30 min +€60. 45 min + Cava €90.
* We have a VIP Massage Menu. Ask about it if you wish to explore the more exclusive side of massage


* For Every Seven Massages: one Tantric Massage Free (8th). This offer is not transferable between centres

*Every Tuesday and Friday special promotion: Thai Massage at the same price as the Tantric Massage.